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Business Design & Lean Startup


Today we know that the traditional business development processes no longer work for every business scenario. The business environment has experienced radical changes in the last few years (either in corporate or entrepreneurship environment) and it needs to take the appropriate steps to adapt itself to the new market reality. For that, it is necessary to provide ourselves with new and adequate methodologies for this paradigm.

We also think that the most effective way to learn these methodologies is through the experimentation of the tools in uncertainty contexts.

With all of this, three years ago we decided to créate a kind of training that would allow professionals linked to design and business learn and develop business models with new agile methodologies. This is what our 4th edition Business Design & Lean Startup course consist in.

“In h2i you will learn, through experimentation, an agile way of creating businesses in the new uncertain contexts.”


Learning tools and methodologies to créate agility and reduce the time in developing new business initiatives.

Practices working proceses to develop products and services that add value

Understanding how decisión making dynamics work with products in highly uncertain situations

Introduction to new project development methodologies in business cases related to agile methodologies to design services and business models



In this course we offer anew learning experience in which we travel through each of the phases of design and value proposition with the goal of giving these professionals a tangible, practical and efficient method to turn and idea into a business.

The course is made of 124 hours from which 20% are theoretical and 80% of it running projects. This way, assistants receive a practical learning designed to guarantee a unique experience. All in all, what we’ve learned to do in h2i.



We start by introducing the business philosophy that will be the base for the rest of the program: Lean Methodology and team building base don Human Centrered Innovation. We will dedícate the first sessions to roughly introduce the program and generate certain ground rules for the teams in terms of creativity and ideation sessions.

CUSTOMER DISCOVERY I: Design Research, client segment and value proposition.

In this stage, we require a process of observation. Using Osterwalders canvas we obtain hypothesis that we corroborate with design research techniques. We will spend many weeks doing field work and analyzing the information to work with empathy maps, value proposition ideation about pains and gains and, above all, understand if there is or not a business opportunity in the mark for our producto r service.

CUSTOMER DISCOVERY II : Validation, design y prototyping

Once we got our first hypothesis we will continue with a process that will continue being developed until the end in which for each part of the business model we will need to design critical hypothesis, ideate ways to validate them and use the learnings and incorporate them in the business model. Disciplines like Service Design, prototyping and storytelling will help us through these phases to make tangible the design evidences we must incorporate in the final product.

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In this course we complete the lean start methodology developed by Steve Blank with our own tools typical of our methodology for the development of innovation projects.

Following the same working framework developed by Blank, we have created a course aimed to all those who wish to learn and practice design and develop business models and valid value proposals in entrepreneurs projects.

Learn the necessary tools and techniques to validate and design your business model. The best way to learn how to design, test and validate business model is by starting to sell. Trying out our ideas with real clients and incorporating everything learnt to the business development process. Yes, we all know the theory, but…how do you do this? The Business Design & Lean Startup course is an h2i institute projector those professionals and entrepreneurs that are coming up with new products and/or services and wish to learn a methodology of business development based on the Lean Startup philosophy.

In this course, we offer a new learning experience, in which we walk through each of the phases of design and value proposition development aiming to give those professionals a practical, effective and tangible method to turn an idea into a business.


Aimed for:

Entrepreneurs, responsables of creating new business lines in companies, researchers in R&D departments, people with an interest to build a new company, managers who are looking for useful tools to innovate in their business models, intrapreneurs who wish to change their current business models or search for models for new services or products.

Language: Spanish

Dates: 14 os October of 2016 until 24 de February of 2017

IMPORTANT: These dates correspond to the to the class sessions and the self regulated project sessions. Check out the calendar to know how the lectures are distributed.

Schedule: Fridays from 17:00 to 21:00 and Saturdays from 10:00 to 14:00

Place: h2i institute’s headquarters. Alameda street no 22, inside  Impact HUB

Modality: In person.

Price: 2.700 € ( VAT included). 2.500 for reservations before 9th  September

Vacancies: 25

Applications and more info on: lean@h2iinstitute.com

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