Service Design Executive

Products, websites, applications, spaces, and cities are designed but… what about services?

Today we live in an economy largely based on services, however, as service users, what happens? Do you ever get the feeling that the service is smooth, harmonious, well thought out for you, anticipating your needs or simply makes your life easier …?

Or the other way around: how bad is this! Do I really need to fight for you to give me my money back when you over billed me? Are you really going to leave half-naked in the xray room without telling me whats going on? Don’t you trust me after 30 years insured in your company without an accident?

As service users we are already somewhat aware of many things that could be re-designed. It is indeed a matter of design, Design with capital D.

The experiences that a user / client lives is always “designed”, more or less consciously. As a company, start-up, organization, the challenge is to understand it.

And find ways to design these experiences and actually produce something that interests us to produce … so that our customers are happy and loyal, so that we can anticipate problems, reduce absurd expenses, work more smoothly and better  for our organization to crete more value

Service design is a discipline that allows you to innovate, improve existing services, initiate a transformation in organizations

Service design is a discipline that provides methodologies to address these challenges in a creative way


What is this course about?

This course is designed for professionals who want to introduce themselves to this discipline and be able to understand the methodology, use the tools, understand the challenges of designing services and, depending on the profile, apply it directly, hire and / or manage projects design services.

This course will allow you to practice first hand the most important tools of service design, and follow a “Design Thinking” process while building a team in a real project.

This course will allow you to develop creative and teamwork skills that are fundamental to the design of services and will also serve you for whatever you do after due to their versatility.

Another thing this course gives you is a lot of new questions and many clues for further research.

Be aware, this course will not make you an expert. That requires much more time and practice.On the other hand, you’ll see that this course is a very complete first step to starting to practice.


How do I know if this course is for me?

If you work in architecture, advertising, product design, interaction design, graphic design, development … and ever feel that your designs cover more complex areas, more systems, more people …, this course is for you.

If you are dedicated to research on customers, users, behaviors, needs, etc. and would like to take the next step and accompany your client / team ideation and conceptualization of new solutions, this course is for you.

If you work in the “services world”, and feel that you could think about your users and customers and would like to develop new ways of doing so, this course is for you.

Service Design Executive will give you an interesting, creative and dynamic new perspective.

If you have time and desire to learn how to work from the perspective of people who use and provide a service, learn many tricks to work together, this course is for you.

Do I have to know anythingto make this course?

This course is open to all academic profile and / or professional.

The requirements are pretty basic, the most important thing is that you desire to learn and desire to work together.


How is the course organized?

The course is based on practice. In teams, you are going to learn by working on a real project, through a process of design:

1. Introduction and team building

2.Design Research

3. Startegic design and Concept Sketching

4.Business Design

5.Service Design Interaction

6.Service Design Interface

7.Final presentation and closing

Who are your teachers?

The teachers are professionals who live in Madrid and they like to teach. They have already taught in h2i in the Course of Innovation, Business Design and other institutions

Charlotte Schoeffler, is the academic director of the course, she will be with you almost all the time and teaches classes related to the interaction design and service interface. She worked in various consulting agencies as service designer, she teaches at several sites and now does freelance projects. She loves to teach and mixes disciplines, especially matters related to the movement and theater.

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Dorothy Silva, teaches Design Research in classes and tutoring. Has been for more than 7 years in Designit, she is a great expert in research. She has lots of anecdotes and stories about projects to share. She will also be present in some other classes to remind us that research is also present in any stage. Dorothy is also co-founder of the miudo publication.

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Jose Manuel Perez, he teaches the Business Design class, he is an expert in marketing, business development and business design.He works for Telefónica, studied the course of innovation in h2i and spent several years teaching Business Design and Lean Startup in h2i and other schools. He has a passion for teaching and teaches with an impressive dynamism.

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Joaquín Pérez, has extensive experience in all that has any relation with audiovisual production for films, television, theater, music production and event management. He is a consultant in Designit. He spent several years teaching in h2i and other institutions, prototyping and video prototyping, and gives simple and powerful tools to translate all these ideas you are going to create.

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Course Data

Language: Spanish


March: 4, 5, 11, 12 y 18 de marzo           April: 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, 29 y 30 de abril  

May: 6, 7, 13, 14, 27 y 28 de mayo       June: 3, 4, 10 y 11 de junio.

Schedule: Fridays from 17h to 21h and saturdays from 10h to 14h

Place:  h2i institutes Head Quarters,  Alameda street nº 22, 28014, Madrid. Inside Impact HUB


Vacancies: 25

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