Service Design Executive


Most of what we buy nowadays is not limited to products, but rather is a blurry mixture of tangible and intangible that we call “experiences”. Think of using your credit card, flying somewhere, visiting your doctor,… These are services that were once designed: somebody thought about their features, their interactions and the context they will unwrap in.

In h2i institute we believe services must be designed from/for their end users, hence we bring you our SERVICE DESIGN EXECUTIVE COURSE: a tested methodology to envision new services or to improve existing ones. Grounded in the Human Centered Innovation paradigm, you will team up to research, design, prototype and deliver solutions to real world problems.

From the 20th of October 2017 to the 9th of February 2018, SERVICE DESIGN EXECUTIVE consists of 92 hours, spread over Friday evenings and Saturday mornings (allowing for its students to work at the same time). Over 4 months, top practitioners in the field will share their knowledge through a “learning by doing” approach.


                                       Service Design helps to deliver creative solutions for complex problems.



Under this “learning by doing” approach, teams will work on real projects where to implement each phase of the design process:

1. Introduction & Team line-up

Over the first week, students will learn tools for group work and team dynamics meant to be used throughout the whole course.

2. Design Research

Inspired by the Social Sciences’ research techniques, students will develop “estrangement”: a fresh look upon everyday situations that will help to sharpen their empathy skills (key to good design

3. Strategic Design & Concept Sketching

Based on key findings, the service’s concept is defined: what context justifies this service, what resources are needed, who will be involved and what roles will they play.

4.Business Design

Economic viability is key to success. Business Design poses the questions around what reveneue streams and cost structures will hold the service.

5. Interaction Design

Once the service is defined, details on how the service will be delivered have to be specified. 

6. Interface Design

Once the interaction details are known, the interface and touch points of the service must be defined and prototyped. 

7.Validation & Implementation

The loop is closed by going back to our target users, with whom concepts are validated. Then its time for implementation and user’s feedback.

8.Final Presentation and Closure

On the last day, teams will present their work, reflect on the project’s next steps and share their feedback on the course.



As we only understand learning as a consequence of experience and team work, in h2i institute each technique must exercised and every tool must be tried out. By “living” each step, students will learn to deal with the uncertainty inherent to any innovation process.


Technical Details

This course is for you if you are:

Responsible for new business lines in your company, an R&D researcher, any type of designer, a to-be-Entrepreneur or interested in learning a new way of dealing with business challenges.

Language: Spanish

Dates: From October the 20th 2017 to February the 9th 2018

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Schedule: Fridays from 17:00 to 21:00 and Saturdays from 10:00 to 14:00

Location: h2i institute, Calle Alameda 22, 28014, Madrid. (Inside Impact HUB Madrid)

Format: On-site


Registration fee: 500 € (to be deducted from the final price)

Course fee: 2.700 € (2.500 € on an Early-Bird registration until the 2nd of June 2017).  VAT free. Payments can be made in installments.

Places available: 25


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