SUMMER SCHOOL 2017: Design Thinking + Metodologías Ágiles


The term Innovation have been in the spotlight for the last few years, helping to its widespread and influence. As its relevance grows, so does the commonplace it has been placed in, helping to empty the concept from its meaning. In h2i institute all our courses are grounded on a tested methodology taught with a clear goal in mind: making the user the cornerstone of the process when creating new products or services.

To this year’s Summer School we bring an introductory course covering the stages, tools and skills of Design Thinking – this is, how to leverage on design to shape new value propositions for our users. Looking for a twist, we will see how these design stages can be meshed using the so called Agile Methodologies: project management tools that shorten both working times and the time taken to make decisions.

Ranging from the 3rd to the 14th of July, our 40 hours DESIGN THINKING + AGILE METHODOLOGIES SUMMER COURSE allows its students to work and study at the same time as it is held in the afternoons.


We will learn WHAT DESIGN THINKING IS and HOW TO USE IT, relying on the Agile Methodologies  tools and milestones to deliver the course.

We will discover…

From Design Thinking”- A way of addressing problem solving through specific tools for group facilitation, training the specific creativity skills these kind of projects demand.
The process starts by understanding the contexts and needs of our users, defining precisely the perspective from which to tackle the problem. Based on it, ideas will be put forward, prototyped and tested .

From the Agile Methodologies– To organize the project through short working cycles (iterations) with increasing complexity (increments). Based on“Scrum” and “Kanban”, two of the most popular Agile Methodologies, we will learn how to plan our project, define what roles will be involved and settle the tasks to be delivered.


As we only understand learning as a consequence of experience and team work, in h2i institute each technique must exercised and every tool must be tried out. By “living” each step, students learn to cope with the uncertainty inherent to any innovation process.

Thanks to entrepreneurs who believe in our methodology, each group will be assigned a “real world challenge” to be solved throughout the course.


This course is for you if you are:

Willing to build new products or services nimbly and at a fraction of their cost.

Language: Spanish

Dates: From the 3rd to the 14th of July 2017

Schedule: Monday to Friday from 16:30h to 20:30h

Location: C/ Alameda, 22 (Impact Hub) – Madrid (España)

Format: On-site


Registration fee: 500 € (to be deducted from the final price)

Course fee: 1.400€ (1.250 € on an Earlybird registration until the 31st of May 2017).

Places available : 25


In case you need further insight, join us at our upcoming course presentation mini-workshops, write us to hola@h2iinstitute.com, call us, visit us or subscribe to our newsletter.

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