Workshops & seminars

This training’s goal is to be used as a strategic element in the company’s training. We develop alongside with the people in charge vision about skills and abilities that fulfill the business and innovation goals.

For it, we keep reglar meetings with the responsible areas in order to know the reality of the company and offer our contents in those areas where they provide value.

Companies request ad hoc training when some of their workers have basic knowledge in some of the topics. This kind of training is also used in those cases in which training in innovation is combined with some other kind of technical training.

Through workshops (8h or 16h) and seminars (4h) training of the participants is focused in one of the 4 areas of knowledge: creativity, research, design and business


Types of workshops

1. Easement and team work workshop:

Students will learn how to optimize the results from the working sessions and how diverse groups are much more successful when facing an innovation project. In addition,  they will get to know each member’s professional profile in order to obtain the best results as a team.

2. Design Research: Social generative investigation techniques.

The assistants will understand the role design research plays in the process of generating new solutions and the importance of social generative investigation as a way of immersion and estrangement in the design and innovation projects.

3. Design Research: Analysis y data visualization

This unit adds value to those professionals who need to generate data that could inspire design and innovation processes. In addition, we work on the visual representation of those data as a way to accelerate the estrangement and the immersion of the design teams.

4. Service Design  I (Basic)

This unit introduces the assistants to the concept of service design, a discipline that applies design tools and skills to improve and create new services.

5. Service Design II (Advance)

This unit is used for working on the relation between the experience designed and the internal processes that must be developed to carry out the service production.

6. Business Design

This unit is suitable for those professionals who need to broaden their knowledge about the key theory on developing business models and building value propositions.

7. Lean startup & customer development

This unit will be the basic strategy to carry out a startup and search and validate their business model.

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