El paso de los colaboradores por la escuela:

20 June, 2013

Nos siguen llegando testimonios sobre la experiencia que han tenido en la escuela empresas que confían en nuestra filosofía y en nuestro método. Hoy os traemos el de Enrique Guisasola, Recursos Humanos de Equipo de h2i: ¿Qué diferencia la formación en h2i de otra formación en creatividad en innovación?… Read more


Nuestros ex-alumnos (XI): Julia Ibáñez

11 June, 2013

  Just a year ago, we were immersed in the selection process of the third edition of our scholarship for the innovation course. Just a year ago Julia was preparing her candidacy to be a part of h2i. And she got it. Julia was part of the team who developed… Read more


El paso de los colaboradores por la escuela: Correos.

5 June, 2013

En h2i llevamos 4 años formando a profesionales que ahora son agentes de cambio en las empresas donde trabajan. Como sabéis, esta formación la hacemos tanto para público en general, como para los trabajadores de las empresas que apuestan por nuestro método. Queremos compatir con todos vosotros, lo que supone… Read more


Nuestros ex-alumnos (VIII): Jorge Álvarez

24 July, 2012

Who is Jorge? Born in Zaragoza, 24 years old. Although he studied product design, the truth is he is suffering a restructuring process, which he still doesn’t know where it will lead to but will try to resume in this post. When I met h2i I was immerse in my masters… Read more


Nuestros ex-alumnos (VI): Elisabet Matoses

13 July, 2012

Who is Bet? She was born in Barcelona in 1984, in January. She is very Capricorn. She also majored in political sciences and product design. A bit weird yes. Must be because of the “seny i la rauxa” (both sides of a coin) I think it started when I was… Read more


Nuestros ex-alumnos (VII): María Jesús Alba

13 July, 2012

Who is Chusa? 31 years old. Born in madrid but adopted by Ireland. Is a weird mix between Social Work (UCM) + Sociology ( U. Pontificia Comillas) + Executive MBA (ESIC) After going through different jobs related to Business Development, I always thought there was something missing that could allow… Read more