Nuestros ex-alumnos (III): Carolina Guirado

15 June, 2012

¿Quién es Carolina?
34 años. Estudió Administración y Dirección de Empresas. Es de Madrid. Trabaja es SAGE.

Antes de entrar en h2i estaba trabajando en el área de Estrategia de Productos y Servicios de Sage, y mi trabajo consistía en realizar estudios de mercado, competencia y análisis del sector software de gestión, buscar nuevas tendencias e innovaciones, análisis de impacto de nuevas funcionalidades a implantar, marketing de producto, preparación y lanzamiento de nuevos productos y servicios en el mercado, también colaboraba con la Dirección de Comunicación en el posicionamiento de Sage en las Redes Sociales y realizaba el estudio, junto con el resto del equipo, del desarrollo e implantación de nuevas líneas de negocio.

I always loved the work that I did, I wanted to improve day by day, innovate, but I didn’t find “the inspiration”. I learnt new concepts, I studied products and services from other companies, I was aware if the trends…but there was something missing. One day, I saw on SAGE’s intranet that they offered a chance to participate in the process of obtaining a scholarship for a Master in innovation and new technologies in h2i and I started checking out what h2i was. I saw it was the first human centered innovation school where I would be taught how to put the client at the beginning of every proyect, I was going to learn new ways of thinking, of undertaking…of innovating.

h2i has changed my personal and personal life thanks to all the people with whom I had the chance to share this training with, this experience. I learnt how to confront new challenges, new proyects with a different vision, loosing the fear to get out of my comfort zone and, above all, how to work with people of very different profiles, and this has made of all the proyects I currently work at, a lot more interesting and rewarding.

It is not by chance that I am where I currently am, thanks to SAGE I am in a new department, SAGE Start Up, SAGE’s innovation area, where I can apply and develop what I learnt at school.

On one hand, I believe trainings are usually too theoretical and very little applicable for a companies’ day-to-day, we are taught too many concepts, theories but we are not taught how to think.

On the other one, the labour and economical situation of the country doesn’t help us when searching a new job.

In ten years, I see myself leading innovation proyects, transmitting the knowledge to new teams, working in new challenges and opportunities and of course, learning every day.