Our educational methodology is based on the regenerative capacity of creativity and is supported in the principles of autonomy, responsibility and dedication. We develop in each educational unit, intelectual, emotional, social and professional competences so our students are able to use them in the processes, techniques and in the innovation and design cases generated in our school. The human being in its integrity must be the aim of the training and the design.

Each training is based on projects for which our students are responsible. These ones are always supported by our team of teachers and tutors.

At the H2i Institute we call them students, not because they spend much time studying but because they spent much time at their studio. Each student has an exclusive workplace inside our centre in which he works during the day. The full responsibility of learning is exclusively in the students hand, not having any other type of evaluation other than their own reflection on the done work. All work is made inside and out of the school, sharing knowledge and learnings with the rest of students and tutors is essential for our programs success.


Our educational goals are defined by a series of general principals:

-We try to incorporate universal creative and visionary leadership competences, social and empathic skills, communication skills, negotiation and exceeding consensus, facilitating and team training or problem solving to all the specialized abilities, each one brings from their own degrees or professional lives.

-We search the breakup with the passive tradition of learning by listening and memorizing lessons or the repetitive reading of a book. We believe in new way of learning based on auto motivation and initiative, in material, social and emotional needs of the student or the group, in the potential of the talents and creating virtues latent in each human being.

– We want to encourage integral curiosity, wishing to ask and discover, the need of contacting with great teachers, experts or pioneer centres in different areas of knowledge. We develop a full joint of competences related to critical thinking.

-We bet on a close and affective communication between teachers and students and the coexistence and work between both of them, pushed by the expressive spontaneity and ideation without censorship nor control, supported by action and concern about the thought and desires of other without neglecting your own.

In short, we want to explore new ways of learning to think, criticize, solve, innovate, imagine, fantasize, dream, compare, undertake with safety and risk, to fail as a way to rectify and search, to question yourself and ask always before looking for answers. Overcoming the stereotype of learning, memorizing and evaluating.

A unique space for a unique school

In order to make our methodology and philosophy possible, the design of the space and environment is fundamental. At IMPACT HUB we have found a place in which develop our mission and generate impact in our society and the people who come through our school. A meeting point in which we can share our thoughts and experiences with professionals who just like us, develop projects based on innovation, social impact and sustainability.