In h2i, innovation is an attitude. We focus on what happens to the people on their experimentation with innovation. We expect our students to learn how to move in unsettled and complex situations without fear nor distress through a designed space(the school) filled with experiences where opportunities to experiment with new ways of thinking and doing are given.

The current of thought the schools follows is Human Centered Innovation. The concept of human centered innovation focuses on the study and comprehension of the behavior and attitude of different groups of people, to identify this way, the spaces for innovation and providing it not only a direction but also values. It is all about applying the closest techniques to ethnography, to share a space with those people, to live with them in order to create something that makes sense.


Human Centered Innovation changes the traditional process of managing innovation in two different ways:

1-Reversing the factors and putting the potential clients at the beginning of the chain. Through the study y understanding of behaviors and attitudes of different groups of people you can identify different spaces for innovation that will guide R&D departments, giving research not only a direction but also values.

Far from what many might think, what we just described is not market research. It’a not about asking people what they want or need, but about applying techniques close to ethnography, sharing space with those people, living with them to build together something that makes sense.

2- The HCI model, gives importance to the creative and imaginative activities, humanizing this way not only the final result of the work but also the whole path that leads to it. The creative, collaborative and divergent processes contribute explicitly in generating a style and a way to be happy and optimistic even when facing fortuitous failures or apparently unsolvable difficulties.

We want to explore new ways of learning how to think, to criticize, to resolve, to innovate, to imagine, to fantasize, to undertake with safety and risk, to be mistaken and interrogate and always ask before seeking for the answers.

All in all, we gathered a team of professionals, we designed a work model for our students and we created the first human centered innovation training school