Testimonies from our Business Design & Lean Startup course: Ahmed Álvarez

30 April, 2014

We keep sharing with you what our students from the Business Design & Lean Startup course say about it’s first edition. This time, It’s Ahmed Álvarez’s time. Ahmed worked at the development section of Telefonica and is now working for Yahoo and developing personal proyects, putting into practice everything he’s learnt. We leave you with his testimony.

What are you taking from the course into your personal and profesional life?

A lot of energy and working tools that help me start all those ideas I’ve got inside my head in an agile and diskless way. For example, the “Customer Discovery” and “Service Design” methodologies, have completely changed the way I design products. In the past, each product and service created was based in results or past experiences, while now every product we design is defined by our client just the way we learned and practiced in the working sessions at h2i. This aspect has made our business indicators quickly increase.

What made you bet on a training like this one?

The positive mentions I received and the fact that h2i had bet on teaching something so innovative in Spain like Lean Startup.

A sentence you remember from the course.

“In a proyect, ideas are the 20% and actions the 80%”

What would you say to someone who is thinking on doing this training?

I would tell him to do it without hesitation. No only because of the number of tools and methodologies he will learn but also because of all the colleagues he will meet with similar curiosity. The course must be set out with the idea of getting out of the building to practice and being ready to fail over and over. Those are the ingredients that will make the process of entrepreneurship the most efficient and fun possible.

What is the next step?

Listen to the everyone else. Learn. Practice during the whole course and finally leaping with a new idea.

Thank you very much Ahmed!

If you want to contact with Ahmed: https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?trk=tab_pro&id=21033343