Testimonies from our Business Design & Lean Startup course: Jose Enrique Álvarez

10 April, 2015

Jose Enrique Álvarez (also known as JEA) is a proyect manager and responsible for information systems of human resources at AXA. When he first started the course, wanted to know more about the Lean Startup methodologies and it’s possible applications on the intra entrepreneurship world. Now that our Business Design & Lean Startup course is over, let’s hear what he has to say about his experience in h2i.


How did you know about h2i?

It’s funny because I hear about the Impact Hub through my boos, she asked me about it and … you know I had nothing to say. I hate that situation, so few weeks later I discovered a workshop about the course, I went … and that’s it.

member_220551572How was it once you were inside?

It was just amazing, you are in a constant condition of “estrangement”. The teachers and the students are one of the most important things, people with different backgrounds and experience are just one of the most enriching learning experiences of my life.

What do you get from h2i?

Friends, knowledge and probably I’m a more mature person right now.

How is this course helping you in your current job?

This course has a lot of topics applicable in my daily basis. part of my job is to be a project manager so now I know different ways to do that, not only in the traditional way.

Does it change the view you had about Business Design?

Absolutely, sometimes you think it is just people using post-it notes. After the course, you discover how deeply you can apply it and how beneficial it could be for your projects.