Testimonies from our Business Design & Lean Startup Course: María José Aguilar Hess.

11 April, 2014

We start the round of testimonies on the first Business Design & Lean Startup course. Today we are introducing you to María José Aguilar Hess. She works as a UX designer for tuenti. She’s Chilean but landed in Madrid in 2004 and ended up staying. We leave you with her testimony.

What are you taking from the course into your personal and profesional life?

When I’ve got a suggestion or an idea, the first thing is to validate it, ask before doing anything. That we don’t have to fear failing in validations, that these are just turns to the answers that are truly valuable. This has helped me in every aspect of my life.

What made you bet on a training like this one?

I was keen on learning new things and it was very related to Lean UX. The lessons taught here are very related to my daily work and they’re useful not only for building a company but also to manage new ideas you might have and to see proyects from a very empathic view with your potential clients or users.

A sentence you remember from the course.

“When you co-create or co-design, what we obtain as a result of the research is not the solution to the problem but a metaphor of the needs we must cover.”

What would you say to someone who is thinking on doing this training?

I would say it is a very intense course in a profesional and personal aspect. I insist on the fact that many things you learn have to do with your daily attitude towards yourself and your team. I would recommend to be curious, to be willing to work, and most of all be humble, to be ready to accept changes of attitude when facing risk and failure which will be very important.

What is the next step?

Putting into practice everything I’ve learned and being curious (I mean asking before giving everything for granted) and flexible ( letting my ideas fail so I can give truly useful). Well all of that and keep meeting with my colleagues to keep seeing each other.
Thank you very much Maria José!

Las coordenadas de María José:

Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/mariajoseaguilar
Twitter – https://twitter.com/mari_garlic