Testimonies from our Innovation course: Sophie Parker

13 April, 2015

Sophie spent her youth in Melbourne, Australia. She studied communication desdign and thanks to a student interchange with Milan she finished her studies and ended up living in Madrid!

Without knowing a bit of spanish, she decided to do something creative and she learnt the magic of ceramic pottery. Although she enjoyed working with her hands for a couple of years, she never lost vision of what design could do to change the world.

Now, she is a former student, lets find out how her experience in h2i was :)



How did you find out about h2i?

I first heard about h2i’s existence through one of their alumni at the Global Sustainability Jam. Guilhem Got was very positive about his experience at the school, from then on it was on my radar. About a year later I came across an offer for my dream internship as a service designer at Designit. It was through this interaction that I came into direct contact with the school. There they were, 16 students in their last week of the course, up to their necks in work, but chipping away at it in good humour. One of the most attractive things about the course was the mix of professional profiles. Engineers, psychologists, designers, musicians. One week later I attended the presentations of the final projects and I decided that this was an experience that I wanted to take part in.

How was it once you were inside?

H2i was a rollercoaster of learnings and sensations. Each group, project and new day brought its own set of challenges. The school takes great care to maximise the learning scope at many levels. Not only catering for the acquisition of theoretical tools and abilities, but also creating a space for personal development at an emotional level. Early on we lost our inhibitions through improvisation classes—sharing laughs at each others’ expense. This, among many other activities, helped create a strong sense of companionship within the group. There were moments of great inspiration, motivation and a wonderful sense of achievement. But I’m going to be honest and say, it was not without its moments of “oh please when will this day end.” It was an intense experience, but one I highly recommend to anyone who is curious to broaden their horizons.

What do you take from h2i?

I would say that for me at h2i some of the most valuable experiences came from working with others. Specifically, working with people who had different professional specialities, cultural backgrounds, and different ways of viewing the world. Recognising that diversity and being able to harness it for the benefit of the project was key. Also the idea that all the tools and activities we learned are not set in stone, each project requires a personalised approach, and the tools are there to adapt to the requirements.

The course offers a foundation in creativity, design, research and business. Everything comes together holistically but I also found it a great way to experience different parts of a process and therefore identify more specific areas of interest.

What will be your next steps?

My plan is to continue working and learning in the realm of design and innovation. To begin with, I’ve just started that service design internship at Designit! From there on I’m open to continued exploring….. S