Our training offer increases year after year. This year we launch our innovation courses’ 7th edition, 100% granted, for those professionals who want to train full time for 5 months. If you are an entrepreneur we have a Business Design & Lean Startup course completely compatible with the working hours thanks to its schedule.

Furthermore, this year in our summer school we offer Service Design course, compatible with the summers’ working hours.

We invite you to check out all our programs and discover which one fits your needs the best.

More information contact us:

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Service Design Executive

Description Most of what we buy nowadays is not limited to products, but rather is a blurry mixture of tangible and intangible that we call “experiences”. Think of using your… Read more


Summer School

Summer is learning time in h2i institute. During the month of July we hold training programs compatible with the working hours, specialized in expertise areas. Each year, we launch specific programs that allow us to go deeper in specific aspects in the process of innovation. Look for what fits more with your needs. If you have any doubts, Ask us!