Nuestros ex-alumnos (II): José Manuel Pérez

8 junio, 2012

Who is Josu?

37 years old. Majored in administration and business management as well as in law. PHD in business administration by the Complutense, h2iist. I was born in Vetusta, Asturias.

I had been working for many years with the same topics (marketing, business development…) I thought things could be done in other ways but I was lacking an impulse, an inspiration an oracle who could show me what the change could be. In a word, I was lacking the knowledge in techniques and process to start the winds of change inside my company.

What made me join the school were two things: on one hand, I needed to break up the inertia and take a huge step forward. On the other one, I was already searching to train myself in service and business design. What made me opt for h2i was it’s content and it’s approach (practical, with team work….)

Truth is, I have experienced a huge change in the last few months

Not only because of my work field, as I have the chance of putting into practice everything I’ve learnt ( I have joined the Experience design team at Movistar Spain, leading the Business Design practice) but also by the way I approach my proyects (team work, looking for different approaches, visualizing concepts, provoking…). Not only there has been a change in my work, my way of doing other activities has also changed (my university classes, in which I add many of the contents and methodologies I have learnt since I started the h2i program)

Now, I imagine my world involved in innovation proyects, in companies as well as in the education field, having built something by myself, haven written a book maybe and a few articles, and, I hope, without having thrown out the poison injected by the school.