Nuestros ex-alumnos: Irene Estrada

7 junio, 2012

We start this section in our blog with the testimonies of some of the students who have already been through the school. We’ve asked them to tell us how their experience was and about their current professional situation. This way, we can bring the experiences lived by our students closer to the h2i community.

Irene Estrada

Before joining h2i I was for over a year looking for a job as a designer or anything similar, but before that, I was working as something else so it was becoming hard for me to find anything.

At the same time, I started studying Anthropology. I just sensed it could help me understand Design, but I wasn’t too sure. I ended up finding a post in an engineering studio which I quit to accept the scholarship. I trusted it would be the right door to get introduced in the world of design.

Most of the pilot course students came to an announcement with people interested in thinking how the school should be and how it should be funded…and I immediately fell in love with the proyect, it sounded that the school in which you always wanted to study but didn’t exist. I’ve got the feeling that much of the education doesn’t correspond with real needs, there is almost a post graduate formation for everything, but sometimes it seems training is just a business that doesn’t respond to anything that this permanently changing world is demanding. Moreover, the sole work of applying for the scholarship, already made you review your own professional path.

When I finished the pilot course, I continued working on the school proyects for a while so I had the chance of enjoying the school from different points of view. The feeling that the proyect is growing, that the course is each time better and more useful for companies and students is definitely a motivational motor. Now I am lucky enough to be able to put everything I have learnt into practice at Designit.

However, if i would be offered to go back to the school, I would accept it without a doubt, especially for one of the most intense learnings I remember, TEAM WORK with capital letters.