Nuestros ex-alumnos (VIII): Jorge Álvarez

24 julio, 2012

Who is Jorge?

Born in Zaragoza, 24 years old. Although he studied product design, the truth is he is suffering a restructuring process, which he still doesn’t know where it will lead to but will try to resume in this post.

When I met h2i I was immerse in my masters degree final proyect. After finishing my industrial design degree in Madrid, I went to London to do a Masters degree in -supposedly- product design. And, I say supposedly because, for my surprise, it introduced me into a lot of other disciplines surrounding the world of industrial design, from design research to service design, going through branding, design management and strategic design.

The thing is, at that point, I was desperate looking for a job offer that had something to do with these disciplines and where I could practice and develop all the knowledge I acquired in a very academic way. That point when someone asked for brave people to join the pilot course of h2i through dnxs’ Facebook, a company I just knew about. Fast-forwarding a few months later and about to end a whirl winding h2i course, having known a group of amazing people and having learned by dirtying my hands many innovation and design tools, a good day I was called to the “bosses” offices. Thats when I got asked to join dnx/Designits’ team. All the nerves and “now whats” just blurred out.

I never believed too much in luck, I really believe it’s the wanting to do things and personal motivation what really moves proyects forward. However, I do feel there is a spark of good luck in each crossroad I have encountered. Good luck to get in the first year of a masters degree in London which changed the way I understood design, good luck in finding a group of people who are willing to share their way of working and understanding innovation, and good luck that they decided to bet on someone like me to be a part of their team.

Regarding my future, I’ve got the feeling that I´ve got a lot to learn on Designits’ boat. Each day I keep absorbing knowledge just like it was the first one, and I’ve got no hurry for it to end. That’s why year after year, I still fantasize about going back to h2i and repeat the best months of my life. Now, I just need Humberto and Alicia to accept.

  • Gabba

    Viva Jorge!!!!!

  • Carolina

    Yo me apunto contigo a la vuelta a h2i :-)))