Nuestros ex-alumnos (XI): Julia Ibáñez

11 junio, 2013


Just a year ago, we were immersed in the selection process of the third edition of our scholarship for the innovation course. Just a year ago Julia was preparing her candidacy to be a part of h2i. And she got it.

Julia was part of the team who developed “MAS”, the Spain’s first social carrier, a proyect we already talked to you about. You can read here which were her feelings right before starting the course and what were her expectations. In the last days of of the fourth edition candidacy, she wanted to share with all of you a bit of her experience . I’ll leave you with her words:


Studying Industrial Design, aspiring to be Starck, start working, realizing you design “fashion for products”, get disappointed, flirt with graphic design to see if I fall in love, see you don’t want anything serious, getting carried along by work, know you’re disappointed but can’t protest, bump into someone who pronounces “Designit”, meeting an old friend again, hearing about h2i institute…-h2i institute, h2i institute, h2i institute…- get chosen, quitting your job, your mother telling you all over again “It’s your call…”, going to Madrid, your boyfriend stays in Bilbao, going to the school, meeting your colleagues, mind blown.

Starck is a brilliant man, I know that. But he uses his brilliance in things that now make no sense for me.

h2i institute doesn’t teach you, above all it trains you for one thing: solving wicked problems in a deeply human way which needs of creativity and strategic vision to progress.

We’ve acquired that capability in these months, it’s there. Now it’s each one´s responsibility to employ it. Right now, that should be our main challenge.

Thank you very much Julia. For us it’s been a pleasure having you at the school. We will keep working to show that there is another way to face challenges, solve problems and struggle with doubt.

  • Osval

    Me ha encantado lo que dices Julia. Definitivamente la clave está en “resolver problemas complejos de un modo que ahonda en lo humano”.

    No importa el background de cada uno ya que lo que nos une es la inquietud por la incertidumbre, el cambio y búsqueda constante de retos.

    Lo bueno es que sólo es la punta del iceberg y queda mucho más por aprender y descubrir!!

    Felicidades por el post!

  • Belen Hermosa

    Julia! Eres la pera limonera!!