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Business Design for Innovation

Remaining relevant in an increasingly competitive world is a challenge. Small players are disrupting industries by addressing customer needs through the glass of creativity and the Corporate World is rapidly bringing on board these creative skills to strengthen their brands, products and services. Regardless of their size, firms need professionals capable of combining business acumen, technical skills and creativity chops.

Grounded in the Human-Centered Innovation paradigm and borrowing tools from management consulting, Design Thinking and the Lean Start Up movement, Business Design emerges as a way of applying the mindset of a designer to solving every day business problems, looking creatively into a firm’s context and executing at the crossover of empathy, design and strategy.

From the 27th of October 2017 to the 16th of March 2018, BUSINESS DESIGN FOR INNOVATION runs over 124 hours, spreading over Friday evenings and Saturday mornings, allowing for its students to work at the same time. Over 5 months, top practitioners in the field will share their knowledge through a “learning by doing” approach.


In this course we cover the phases of design and value proposition creation, giving our students a tangible, practical and efficient method to turn an idea into a business. Out of the 124 hours, 30% are theory based and the remaining 70% are project based learning


By applying research techniques borrowed from the Social Sciences (ethnography, social psychology, microsociology, Co-creation,…), students will learn how to develop a fresh look upon everyday situations that will help to sharpen their empathy skills. This will lead into building new interpretations of what is out there and unearthing unmet needs. Hand in hand, they will learn how to read the business context they will design in/for and to identify on what assets should they leverage their ideas upon.


Once we know what problems to solve, we must define what “shape” our answers will have. Thanks to Strategic Design and Service Design tools along with Prototyping techniques, teams will refine their ideas an iteration at a time. The goal is to craft a well defined solution that is not only desirable, but technicaly and economically viable too.


With their first hypothesis on the business model written down, teams will ideate ways to validate them and use those learnings to improve their solutions. Lean Startup will prove useful, introducing concepts such as pivoting or Minimum Viable Product. Designing experiments will be key along with learning how to set the key metrics.


We only understand learning as a consequence of experience and team work. In h2i institute we spend most of our time testing what has been explained over the lectures, learning by doing, so students live first hand typical situations in these type of projects.

We split our students into groups of 4-5 and we give them a real project where to apply what they learn. We borrow these projects from entrepreneurs who believe in our methods and would like to have their products and services revisited. At the end of the course, our students will present their findings and ideas to these entrepreneurs

Time used for group coaching is, too, working time. Our teachers, practitioners in the fields taught, become part of the team and put their knowledge and expetise at the project’s service.


Language: Spanish

Dates: From the 27th of October  2017 until the 24th of March of 2018.

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Schedule: Fridays from 17:00h to 21:00h and Saturdays from 10:00h to 14:00h.

Location: Calle Alameda 22,  inside Impact Hub Madrid (Spain)

Format: On-site.


Registration fee: 500 € (to be deducted from the final price)

Course fee: 2.700 € (2.500 € on an Earlybird registration until the 9th of September 2017). VAT free. Payment can be made in installments.

Vacancies: 25


In case you need further insight, join us at our upcoming free workshops, write us to hola@h2iinstitute.com, call us, visit us or subscribe to our newsletter.


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