On a yearly basis and framed within the “Human Centered Innovation” paradigm h2i institute grants 16 individuals, training them to deliver innovation projects subject to high levels of uncertainty. Students will switch from theory to practice, solving our sponsors’ challenges over 18 weeks (700 hours). Teamed up, they will immediately put to a test what they have seen over the lectures.




Over the whole programme students will strengthen h2i insitute’s back bone: Creativity. Firstly we will loosen up their “creativity muscle” as we believe that everybody is creative but, over the years, some have had more practice at it than others. Secondly, they will learn how to apply the Creative Problem Solving methodology, a tool created by Dr. Min Basadur to introduce creativity in organizations.


By applying research techniques borrowed from the Social Sciences (ethnography, social psychology, microsociology, Co-creation,…), students will learn how to develop a fresh look upon everyday situations that will help to sharpen their empathy skills. This will lead into building new interpretations of what is out there and unearth unmet needs.


Once we know what problems to solve, we must define what “shape” our answers will have. Thanks to Strategic Design and Service Design tools along with Prototyping techniques, teams will refine their ideas an iteration at a time. The goal is to craft a well defined solution to start working on its technical and economical feasibility.


For a project to be complete, the solution’s viability must be assessed and its development and market strategies planned: students must reflect on what value is being added and what revenue streams and costs are supporting the model. The idea is rounded up by leveraging on the Lean Startup methodology and on tools such as the Business Model Canvas to build the business model and arrange its commissioning. Validating this model via experiments is core to delivering meaningful experiences with high market potential.


We only understand learning as a consequence of experience and team work. In h2i institute we spend most of our time testing what has been explained over the lectures, learning by doing, so students live first hand the feeling of uncertainty associated to these type of projects.



Language: Spanish

Length: 18 weeks (700 hours) – From October 2017 to February 2018

Application period: From May the 1st to June the 9th 2017

Format: On-site

Schedule: Mondays to Fridays from 9:30 to 18:30

Price: All our students are awarded with a 100% scholarship (Program valued at 12.000 €)

If you need further insight, please contact us at becas@h2iinstitute.com

Or visit our post on how to apply for our scholarship

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